New emojis and icons for WhatsApp

Nowadays almost every message that is sent is accompanied by an emoji. I find it so hard to remember a time when they didn’t exist. It almost seems like they were created together along with our alphabet.

From time to time new icons or emojis are created. Especially on topics that are in fashion at the time. WhatsApp is always one of the first to include these within new updates of its application.

whatsapp new version with new emojis

In this last update, we discovered 66 new emojis. Some of them very funny, let’s go over what they are:

66 new emojis for WhatsApp

It’s not really 66 emojis we have available. There are 62 new emojis and 4 components to personalize the existing ones. As you know we currently have the component to change the skin tone. In this last version they bring us a similar functionality: hair change. Now they let us choose between 4 modalities: curly hair, red hair, white or grey and bald.

To use these components, which serve to customize the normal emojis. We have to have our finger pressed on one of the faces. In this way a window opens where we can choose the skin tone and hair color which we would like to put.

whatsapp hair and skin

All these emojis at the moment which I speak of will only be found in the beta version of WhatsApp. This has always been a standard step prior to any new features final launch. If you can’t wait for the new public update, you can download it from Google Play. It also brings other new functions, such as private messages within a group.

Categories of emojis

But where the fun really begins is regarding the new emojis. Let’s look at them by category:

new emojis whatsapp

– As far as faces are concerned, without a doubt one of the most used is that of hero and supervillain. We also have a party face, frozen face, heated face, begging or in love with 3 little hearts.

– Complements regarding parts of the body. We can send a leg or a foot, various types of shoes etc.

– Animals. This is where most of the new emojis are concentrated. From a kangaroo or a llama, to parrots, mosquitoes or lobsters.

– Meals. We can send salt and cupcake icons.

-Several. We have everything from a recipe, to test tubes or a fire extinguisher.


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