Protect yourself while you go running with this ranking of sunscreens

Taking care of your skin from the effect of the sun is an essential requirement in our modern era. It is increasingly common for people to suffer from skin cancer, due to the same effect of the sun’s rays. In addition, global climatic conditions have also generated their impact on it.

The summer of 2019, has been marked by a strong heat wave. It is well known that summers are hot and tiring. But this year, temperatures have risen quite a lot. So this phenomenon intensifies the use of sunscreen.

The interesting thing about a good sunscreen is that it precisely allows you to stay hydrated. They are a shield that allows you to shield yourself from burns and have a much healthier skin type. For people who practice sports or love jogging , it is very appropriate to use sunscreen.

If you understand very well the responsibility you have with your body and your health, do not hesitate to observe the reviews we will make in this article about sun creams.

Some aspects to consider

Of course, a good sunscreen will help you a lot. However, it will have a better effect if you consider the following:

Hours of greater solar intensity: if you are going to practice a sport, it is suggested that you do it before noon. Or, after 5:00 pm The schedule between 12:00 pm to 17:00 pm is the heaviest to withstand the effect of the sun.

Glasses and hats: another very appropriate tip is to make use of sunglasses during sport activity. The same as wearing caps. Not only will they give you a better vision, but they keep you immune to the direct effect of the sun.

Suitable clothing: it is suggested to wear breathable clothing, which is of a light type and covers most of your body. Thus, the sun’s effect will be greatly reduced. A proper wardrobe keeps you immune to burns.

The best protectors

Many of today’s sunscreens have not only been developed for those who go to the beach or for those who wish to have healthy skin . Most have been created after years of development, studying how they can give a hand to athletes.

They are creams that are made following scientific research guidelines. So they are products that will really contribute to your health. Of course, it is important that you consider the level of SFP (also known as FPS). This indicator indicates the period of time in which the shield provided by the sunscreen increases.

If it is said that the protection increases by 30, it is being mentioned that the cream will have an effect 30 times greater, in the matter of minutes, than our skin takes to avoid burning. Your skin, by nature, has a kind of resistance. But the sunscreen intensifies it.

Here is an approach to the best sunscreens for sports and for going out:

ISDIN Fusion Gel Sport SPF 50 +

This sunscreen gel can be applied even in areas with hair, or on your head. It is a sophisticated product that even has an effect on wet skin. So it is quite ideal for when you are going to enjoy a good afternoon at the beach.

The fact of being applicable even on wet skin, will give you a good help in your sport, since its effect will remain even when your skin is full of sweat. In addition, it has the virtue of refreshing your skin, which makes it an excellent product.

La Roche- Posay Anthelios Ultra SPF50 +

This sunscreen is not entirely recommended for sports. But if it is very effective when you go out to sea or go down the street, on a day of good solar intensity. The interesting thing is that it has the virtue of not generating itching in the eye area.

As you can see by the title, its SPF index is 50+.

Avene Fluido Sport + 50

With this sunscreen, you will have an excellent shield for your skin. It is a fairly advanced product, highly recommended for those who practice sports. It is usable both in the face area and in the same body.

The other point in favor about this sunscreen is that it has resistance to sweat, and even water. Otherwise, it offers protection that is breathable. Thus, it will keep you hydrated.

Neutrogena Cool Dry Sport 30 FPS

Considered a high quality sunscreen, this product has great water resistance. If you go to the beach, you will have a coverage of up to 80 minutes while you stay in the sea ​​and you are out of the water. A product developed to be resistant to sweat.

The bad thing about this product is that it can only be purchased through the same Neutrogena website . In certain countries of Europe you will not be able to obtain it directly in a pharmacy or a supermarket. Which shows how advanced and exclusive this product is.

Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport 50 FPS

The Hawaiian Tropic brand is considered one of the best in sun protection. As with the previous product, it also has a water resistance system of about 80 minutes. It is characterized by being a cream that contributes to breathability.

HELIOCARE 360º Airgel SPF 50

Finally, we have this sunscreen that is really optimal for facing ultraviolet rays . It is considered as one of the most appropriate creams to be used in sports activity. With this cream your skin will be very well protected from the sun’s effect.

A good sun protection for your skin, which will allow you to stay out of burns and irritation. In addition, it is one of the creams that has an excellent price in the market. If you have money to buy it, do not hesitate to purchase it.

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