Recent research shows us the secret of longevity

Longevity: that great mystery that allows us to live more in this world. Are there secrets to extend our life? Some claim that everything is in a good diet, physical activity and meditation, among other activities to calm the body and spirit.

According to recent research, the dimension of a person’s body does not influence longevity at all. That is at least the conclusion concerning mammals endowed with warm blood, which is precisely where the human being is categorized.

This research states that the secrets of longevity are found in the level of neurons that predominate in the cortex of the brain. For Suzana Herculaneum-Houzel, this condition is what determines about 75% of the longevity variants of all species.

Your body size and energy consumption do not affect your longevity

The metabolism of the body and its respective size only represents a factor of 20% to 30% in relation to longevity. So the secret lies in focusing on having excellent mental health, where the deterioration of neurons is not so aggressive.

The research also referred to the level of body mass of animals such as birds and compared them with non-primate mammals. The conclusion is that the higher the cortical neurons, the species lengthens its standard of living, without the essential consumption of energy that the animal makes in relation to the size of its body.

Currently it is known that the human being has a quality that makes it shine against other species. This quality has to do with the great period between childhood and adolescence, through which social interactions are assimilated. A condition estimated as an “evolutionary rarity.” In this period the growth of the body is slower.

The secrets are found in neuronal production

Therefore, in the face of this truth, the article indicates that if the animal species had a life span according to their size, then the gorillas would represent the longest-lived inhabitants of the planet. Which is not true. The “evolutionary rarity” of the human being impacts on the number of neurons that it will reach when it reaches its sexual maturity.

Suzana Herculaneum-Houzel affirms that the period of life that reaches the human being is in the level of production of neurons created from his childhood until his maturity. And it is that this level of neurons also gives the human being the opportunity to have new experiences and interact with the environment.

So in terms of secrets, the researcher argues that keeping an active mind and allowing neurons to be busy can stimulate a person’s lifestyle and have better health

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