Sage infusions to get a flat stomach

The sage is one of the most popular plants in the medicinal field. It can also become the solution to get a flat stomach . It helps fight constipation, favoring the work of the intestine. In addition, it eliminates annoying gases. It has diuretic properties, since it fights fluid retention in feet, ankles and legs.

Sage has its origin in the Mediterranean. It has a long culture in natural medicine. Its preparation includes a variety of forms. One of the legends surrounding the bush says that whoever consumes it acquires wisdom.

It is used in gastronomy and also in beauty recipes. It is usually added to creams and lotions for skin and hair care.

Recommendations for your intake

If your approach is aimed at having a smooth belly, without swelling, you should include it in your diet. To start a diet that includes sage, you must eat healthy.

  • You can consume it in infusion made last night by preserving it in the refrigerator. It can also be taken hot.
  • To activate the digestive system, you must drink it on an empty stomach.
  • Accompany your meals with vegetables and fruits, in greater quantity those that facilitate the cleaning of the organs.
  • If you went out to eat and did it in large quantities, the infusion will help lower the inflammation.
  • If it was an occasional departure and you decided to leave the diet for a while, the sage will purify your body. It will allow you to quickly discard those toxins present in not-so-healthy foods.
  • Some recommendations when using it is that it should not be consumed during breastfeeding. Nor should people with kidney failure eat it. The cause is that it has thuyone , a neurotoxic element that can lead to seizures.

The properties of this plant are numerous

A then you will see the countless properties that has sage.

  • Anti-inflammatory: to reduce joint pain, arthritis and muscle.
  • Astringent: prevents the proliferation of bacteria.
  • Antiseptic: so it is used for throat conditions.
  • Activator of appetite.
  • Fight the symptoms of tiredness and fatigue.
  • It addresses the disorders of menopause.
  • Spasmodic: reduces colic.
  • Treat diarrhea.
  • It attacks the bacteria that cause urinary infection.
  • Against germs and viruses.
  • It has abundant presence of vitamins A and C.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Improves the inconvenience of breathing and digestion.
  • Control blood sugar levels.
  • Ideal in cases of fever.
  • For the most sensitive days of women, sage relieves menstrual symptoms.
  • Mitigates headaches and belly.
  • Speeds up the wound healing process.
  • To eliminate canker sores or mouth sores.

Recipe to prepare sage infusion

It’s very easy to do:

  1. Place 15 grams of dried or fresh leaves and flowers, in boiling water, preferably one liter.
  2. Then let stand for three minutes and you can add lemon juice. To make it healthier, add honey or Stevia.

Without sweeteners the sage is bitter, although some prefer it to the natural. Sow a sage bush and place it in a sunny place, so you will always have fresh leaves.

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