Signs that you are getting old unintentionally

Generally, the arrival of the time is associated with wrinkles. You stand in front of a mirror and then you perceive that your face is lined with lines and more lines, as clear evidence that you are over 40 years old. Yes, that is the age, according to studies, at which the symptoms of old age begin.

Although of course, it must be confessed, in some people the symptoms of old age arrive a little earlier. And the symptoms are not always associated with these grooves that appear on your face. Very recently, actor Hugh Gran announced on Twitter that he considered the volume of the cinema to be very high.

An assessment that for many did not matter, but that other means did qualify as one of the natural symptoms that the actor began to feel the symptoms of old age. At first, you will think they have no relationship, but it really does exist.

The habits that give you away

There are many symptoms that can betray that you are entering that territory to which all humanity is inexorably directed. And this time we are going to give you some guidelines to consider. It will remain at your level of honesty to what extent you accept whether or not you are in old age.


One of the first symptoms to highlight are those small events in everyday life that seem to disturb you too much. An example of this is the noise you can experience in a movie theater, just like Hugh Grant. Your sense of inhabiting the world is now more sensitive.

So it is normal that your level of humor is altered with events such as the canned laughter of a television series or the noise of popcorn, to the point that what you call your “moral duty” will force you to look for the culprit of those noises to adjust it.

Have you also noticed that movies now seem much longer?

The dates

On the other hand, one of the most notable symptoms of your old age is reflected in the way you assume traditional dates. Halloween, Christmas or New Year arrives and for you they are dates that already have an enormous antiquity, so much so that for you they have lost their essence.

It is a dislike that shows that old age has taught you to perceive the repetitive or circularity of events that predominate in life. You make the effort to get out of that “vicious circle”, but unfortunately you can’t get out of there. And it is right there where old age teaches you to resign.

You go to calm and silence

Surely you will also have perceived that the agglomerations are no longer exciting at all. Now the noise and the excess of fun seems too heavy for your mind. Where did those years go when your body was intensely looking for adrenaline?

Now you prefer silence. Old age has taught you to value calm and reflect on what happens in your life. They are habits and symptoms that seek to help you mature your worldview, now that you understand that you are moving towards an irremediable stage.

This calm will always have much to offer you. The counterpart is that you start losing certain emotions and the need to stay active.

The lighting

In this case, we are not telling you that you have reached a level of enlightenment derived from calm and silence. In this case we talk about the symptom derived from your photosensitive level. Now it turns out that when you decide to read a book, you have to place yourself in a less luminous place.

What happened? Why now does any level of light seem too intense? It is a phenomenon derived from the ocular changes that come with old age. Your brain also tries to focus more information and reality, precisely because you have a higher level of attention.

That is why, in your interest in focusing on something, your brain tends to recognize the level of light more. For example, when you are looking at the menu you just ordered in a restaurant.

Education and intolerance

Another notable phenomenon lies in your commitment to what must be “morally good.” Now you have a very strong fixation for being an example of manners and that others also lead it. If someone gets out of that rule, you feel a deep aversion to it.

Somebody increase the volume of music, see the extravagant hairstyles of young people, not accepting the new fashions of the 21st century, among others, manage to impact you, until you unleash a level of annoyance. That change and that desire to be a moral guardian, also reveal how rusty you are.

That is, you no longer fit the values ​​of a society. Which shows how much old age has seduced you to annoy you easily.

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