Smart glasses without sensors or external connections

The issue of Artificial Intelligence has reached the glasses. The funny thing is that it is not super optimized glasses. That is, with integrated circuits to interpret the movements of your eyes, which is the model that science fiction has sold us so far.

It is an Artificial Intelligence that has been implemented in the same crystal. What avoids having to use sensors and connection to circuits. According to the developers of this crystal, this technology would exceed what until now represent mobile phones and tablets with facial recognition.

This product has been developed thanks to the leadership of scientist Zongfu Yu. Who had the participation of engineering experts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The implemented method allows the crystal to be adapted to certain characteristics. Thus, its functionality is predetermined to recognize a specific face.

The essence is inside the glass

What happens is that through the essence of the crystal a pattern is established on how the light is reflected. And the way it coincides with that of a person. In that way, a solid wall is created that can only be unlocked by a single person.

The success of this technology is that it does not need to have sensors or circuit connection. So its usefulness could last for months or even thousands of years. It would represent a very sophisticated security system. Since I wouldn’t need energy sources at all.

According to the scientist Zongfu Yu, the way we work on the glass defines the usefulness of facial recognition. What is sought is to create a neural network with various points where the lighting changes. In the long term this Artificial Intelligence would be used in glasses.

The future of these crystals would be in the glasses

If you want to have a more accurate idea of how the patterns behave inside the glass, we suggest you watch this video. With the appreciation of the images you will understand how the internal structure of the crystal works and how it achieves the recognition of a person.

The idea is to take advantage of this technology, so that it serves as a biometric shield that prevents a person from accessing certain areas. That is, it could be used as the entry key to your home. Or, to limit access to unauthorized personnel.

Why would the future of these crystals be in the glasses?

Because these could become the definitive key that would end up authorizing access. Instead of replicating each crystal for one person, a standard crystal would be used and its “neural network” would be projected through the glasses.

Without a doubt, this innovation represents a step forward to have new technologies without sensors or connection

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