The 5 essentials to reduce the carbon footprint

All people have in their hands to help reduce the carbon footprint . But how to do it? Meet the 5 essentials to reduce the carbon footprint ; to put your grain of sand and do something about climate change.

How to reduce the carbon footprint

There are 5 individual actions that can be implemented to reduce the carbon footprint. Because if we all try a little we can get very good things and improve our quality of life. They are the following:

1) Change the energy

The first piece of advice we give you is to hire a company that guarantees 100% renewable energy production . Only with this gesture will you help reduce tons of CO2 in a moment.

It’s as easy as making a phone call and that’s it. And you won’t have to pay more. It’s all about comparing prices and seeing which companies adapt to you, come to your home and offer you renewable energy production.

2) Change the power

Changing the diet is also important to reduce the carbon footprint. So whenever you can consume local and seasonal products; They are cheaper, contain less packaging and have less impact. So whenever you can add a few to your shopping cart.

Be careful with eating meat . It is important that in your diet there is a high percentage of vegetables, fruits and products of plant origin. But do not abuse meat, because the production phases of these other foods consume 13 times less CO2, in addition to less water and methane emissions than meat.

Finally, avoid throwing food . It is better that you buy less or organize yourself better. Establishing a planning will help you organize meals better, so you add only what you need to your shopping cart.

3) Change the means of transport

Avoid taking the car and opt for means of transport that are more recommended for the environment. We mean to go on foot, by bicycle, by electric scooter . Although you can also opt for public transport .

The plane is the means of transport that pollutes the most, so you should avoid it as much as possible. For long trips it is better to opt for the train, the bus or even go by car, to reduce emissions.

Although it may seem uncomfortable, with this simple gesture you will reduce the carbon footprint. And lead a better quality of life, not having to undergo episodes of stress and anxiety derived from driving.

4) Change consumption habits

Each person has certain consumption habits, but that does not mean that everyone is correct. Because we tend to buy more than we need and end up throwing things we don’t even use or put on: food, shoes, clothes, bags, etc.

The best thing you can do is try to reduce your consumption to the maximum, reusing what you have or even fixing what has been damaged.

Also follow more appropriate energy habits, such as avoiding letting your phone charge overnight . It is better to load it only when necessary.

The same as for the use of appliances that we can do without, such as the dryer. So the less things you buy or use, the better.

5) Civil rights

The last way you have to reduce the carbon footprint is to use civil rights to change it. That is, governments or companies can change their policies and laws based on the decisions you make, with your vote or with your purchases, for example.

Therefore it is important that you choose only those who contribute to this cause. Or at least be your property when choosing services or deposit your vote. In this way, you will help further reduce the carbon footprint .

With these 5 commandments you will have a long way to go. If you put them into practice, the world will notice the difference. And if you share the article with your friends and family and they also put their grain of sand, together we can get it. What do you think? Did you miss something?

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