The Biosphere and Tecnosfera coexist on the planet

The biosphere and the technosphere are part of the life of the Earth. But what do both represent? To do this, we must understand that the planet is defined in its architecture by two key elements. The first of them is properly the mass of the planet that we will call as Earth and the second is the energy, which is properly derived from the Sun.

It must be understood that in the planetary system, with the exception of the sun, there is no other agent capable of entering the earth. Only occasionally there is talk of meteorites that manage to break through the ozone barrier. The earth represents a kind of closed system, which has its own resources to keep in balance. Resources that are finite.

That is, they are the resources that nature proposes. This is what is called a biosphere because it is the resources with which the planet develops itself. They are estimated as limited because although nature tends to reproduce, its survival depends on other factors such as sun lighting.

The Earth has resources from outer space

In fact, we talk about certain metals that are not produced on the planet. Gold, for example, is a mineral that came to Earth from the outside, through different asteroids. So if this resource is depleted, the planet would have something less that is constituted in its “personality.”

But, perhaps what most delimits the planet’s ability to reproduce its resources, is the limit imposed by the human being itself. The human being is the one who establishes the technosphere. That is, it represents all those products and resources that are created by humanity through different processes.

The computer or mobile phone through which you are reading the content of this article has been produced with various resources. Some of the most common are plastic, metal, glass, without neglecting that today most circuits of computer equipment have chips equipped with gold.

The human being can change the metabolism of the biosphere

That product that represents a computer or smartphone is the result of a great diversity of processes. These processes, which are based on the resources of the biosphere, become a technosphere. Both products coexist in balance, although the technosphere needs more of the biosphere to be able to subsist on the earth.

So much so that if the human being is neglected, he can make an exacerbated use of his biosphere production in order to increase his level of the technosphere, then the resources are depleted and the planet will face a deep decompensation. For example, nuclear reactors work with plutonium and uranium, which are radioactive elements.

All the exploitation generated by working with these elements also produces a great ecological disaster. Or well, at least that is what has revealed all the technosphere that human beings have developed throughout their history. Other fields in which environmental damage is generated on the earth, are derived from the exploitation of hydrocarbons, gas emissions and garbage generated by man.

The destructive impact of the technosphere

The bottom line here is that both the biosphere and the technosphere, although they go different paths, always complement each other. But, in the long run, the biosphere is the one with the greatest prominence on Earth, the one that most defines the course of human history.

Because if in a certain case, the human being manages to generate irreversible damage on the planet, such as global warming could be, there will come a point where the planet lives unsustainable conditions and then all its resources would be depleted, as it happened billions of years when the asteroid apocalyptic that ended the age of dinosaurs fell from the sky.

Precisely this phenomenon reminds us that the power of nature is autonomous. The Earth itself, through its biosphere, can face processes that, although they last for millions of years, may allow for renewal and work with new elements that strengthen your own life.

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