The eternal debate about whether man really stepped on the moon

The moon: that artificial satellite that has served as inspiration for poets and romantics. It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky and has always generated fascination. And well, it has also produced controversies, as is the reference to its moon landings.

The first time the human being conquered the moon was in 1969. The first man to step on this star was Mr. Neil Armstrong. After that, several moon landings were carried out, which served as a support point for very serious investigations.

However, in the world of conspiracy theories, it is argued that human beings have not yet reached the moon. It is claimed that the moon landing that was disseminated nationwide in the United States was nothing more than a montage, prepared to position NASA as the leader of aerospace research.

Will it be true? There are many tests that try to justify that in fact, everything was recorded on planet Earth and that, at least until that time, the human being had not conquered the surface of that luminous star. Behind those theories there are others that support.

For the moment, we want to demystify the falsehood of the moon landings, reflecting on the ideas that are commonly used to justify. Here is a summary of these ideas:

The flag in motion

The Moon is a territory devoid of wind. It is impossible for something to move or move. Therefore, there is a test according to conspiracy theorists, where you can see the flag of the United States “move.” It is something that is impossible.

There are two photographs that guarantee that although the flag is deformed, this was not derived from the effect of the wind. These two photographs show two different moments where the flag remains equally untemplated. That is, the flag bore that wrinkled appearance long before.


If there is no gravity on the moon, then because on the ground you can see different marks of the footprints left by the astronauts. It is one of the ideas that tries to present itself as one of the strongest. But in reality the justification is the simplest.

What happens is that the traces were made every time the astronauts made jumps to experiment with the level of gravity of the moon. The strong footsteps originated from that. In addition, it should be added that the level of gravity of the moon is 16% of what the earth equals.

That is, if there is a certain level of severity, which leads to the footsteps if they have generated small marks.

What happened to the stars?

Another of the controversial issues of the moon landings is related to why the stars cannot be observed. What happens is that the atmospheric conditions of the moon and the earth are different. The conspiracy theorists say that there are no stars, because at the time it was difficult to emulate the exact same conditions of the location of these stars.

What happens with the stars in space is that in order to capture them it is necessary that the camera lens has a higher level of exposure in order to perceive the level of light that the stars give off. In the moon landing, the video cameras operated with an exposure time of a fraction per second.

Flames in the nozzle

Since there is no oxygen on the moon, it is unlikely that fire can be generated. According to certain images it is possible to observe certain flames in the nozzle of the moons module. How is it possible? The rationale for this event is that this lunar module operates with hydrazine.

This fuel when coming into contact with dinitrogen tetroxide generated the phenomenon that is noticeable in the photograph. It is something that can happen in the absence of oxygen or the absence of any spark.

More and more questions to solve

According to conspiracy theories, there is a long list that sustains that the human being never reached the moon in 1969. With the evidence refuted here you could have enough reasons not to doubt about the moon landing done at that time. However, we know that curiosity corrodes you.

If you have come here it is because you would like to know all the possible clues that would betray NASA. If you wish to consult more about these clues, we recommend that you visit this Wikipedia publication that perfectly synthesizes the doubts generated by this event.

Although it is also likely that with the clues we gave you you have more than enough to understand that the first moon landing of the human being has solid scientific bases to dare to doubt.

A good part of those who defend the non-arrival to the moon and future moon landings, also try to justify that the government of the United States set up this “show”, as a way of positioning themselves in the aerospace research that the Soviet Union was also leading .

Taking into account that at that time the Cold War was still latent, the moon landing represented at the time great news that would have intimidated the government of the country known today as Russia. Remember that talking about Russia and the Soviet Union is not the same.

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