The Indian vikram module fails to try to reach the moon

Before seeing why the landing of the vikram module has failed, let’s look a little at the Indian space history.

The first satellite that placed India in space was the Chandrayaan-1. This happened in the year of 2008. An achievement that left the aerospace race of this country unsatisfied. His next project focused on the launch of a lunar module. The hope: to achieve the same thing that the Americans accomplished with the first Apollo missions.

So ISRO, which is the acronym that defines the space agency of India, decided to ally with the Russians to start this mission. It would be a moon landing that would not have a crew. However, Russia decided to withdraw from the matter. Following the failure of his own Phobos-Grunt mission in 2011.

So ISRO decided to continue with its goal. The launch date of this project was postponed several times. In fact, it was thought that the ideal date of the launch would be for 2018. Since it would be the tenth anniversary of the Chandrayaan-1 satellite.

Communication with the probe was lost

The lunar probe that would use ISRO was referred to as Vikram. A name that refers precisely to the founder of the aerospace project in India: Mr. Vikram Sarabhai, who has already passed away. The issue is that the Vikram ship, whose weight is 1500 kilograms, changed its landing path.

The ship was expected to reach the lunar floor, more precisely between the Simpelius N and Manzinus C craters. When Vikram was in the second phase of the landing, approximately 2.1 kilometers from the surface, the communication signal was lost.

It was no reason to be alarmed. Since the Vikram module was optimized to perform the moon landing operation by itself. The problem is that thereafter the communication was completely lost. It is estimated that Vikram crashed on the surface of the moon, which caused the loss of the signal with headquarters in India.

A blow to the scientists of India

It is estimated that more specific details will be revealed in the coming days. In any case, this ruling represents a very hard blow to the Indian economy. Since it affects your reputation as a space agency in a very negative way.

And not only because his mission failed. Since many moon landing missions have failed in history, the most recent Israel Beresheet probe. If not because it contrasts with the recent moon landing by China. That was a complete success because it had a perfect landing in the dark area of the moon

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