The inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula were exterminated millions of years ago

A genetic study of the Iberian Peninsula over the last 8,000 years reveals the extermination of its ancient inhabitants. Millions of years ago there was an invasion of steppe shepherds from Europe. The consequences of this invasion were the replacement of the original men of the peninsula.

This study was conducted by Harvard University in the United States. And it became evident that the great mixture of cultures in Africa, Europe and the Mediterranean is largely due to these invasions by steppe shepherds.

According to the genetic study, these events occurred about 4,500 years ago.

Genetic study

This genetic map was elaborated from the samples gathered by a team of more than 111 archaeologists. Each of the samples observed had some comparison or similarity with the region. And on this occasion it was possible to examine almost 8000 years of genetic studies in the Iberian Peninsula.

The study was conducted exhaustively, with precise details of chromosomes and DNA. Its genetic complexity can be seen in the secret migration that took place some 4,500 years ago, which completely agitated the DNA of the ancient Iberians.

In these studies the specialists in the matter looked for the evidences of the DNA in the different populations. In this case 271 ancient Iberians were agreed upon and combined with 132 inhabitants of the old peninsula.

The men of the steppes

Just in the Bronze Age, the genetic constitution changed radically. It was evaluated that around

2,500 B.C., the DNA changed and was partially replaced by that of the steppe. And only about 500 years later, around 2,000 B.C., DNA shows that they were completely replaced by new visitors. These migrations also occurred in other parts of Europe and Asia, but to a lesser extent.

In this study it is observed how the DNA of the local male generation was gradually eroded and replaced by foreign lineage defined as R1b. Although the studies were very exhaustive, it was not known how this mixture of chromosomes was generated.

It is estimated that in the peninsula there was a massive agglomeration of steppe men.  There is no obvious evidence of physical extermination of the natives. The clearest assumption is that foreign men confronted the locals by expelling them from their settlements and staying with their wives.

In this way the ability of the premises to reproduce was impaired. Which ultimately caused the complete elimination of the natural genetics of men from the peninsula.

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