The next generation of mobiles: folding phones

The year 2019 seems to bring us a technological novelty: the foldable telephones, also called “foldable”. The main manufacturers of the market have already launched the race to lead the sales of this new cell phone format. Technological advances in the area of telephony are proceeding at great speed. In addition, the public is increasingly demanding with the mobiles they buy.

Therefore, companies like Samsung, Xioami, Huawei and others venture into the design of folding cell phones. Many of them will also come with the new 5G technology, which will make Internet connections much faster.

Folding phones: great expectation around the world

People look for a lot of things on a smartphone. You want connection speed, 5G coverage, aesthetics, ergonomics and much more. The truth is that in recent times mobile screens have done nothing but grow and grow. But they have reached such a point in size that the option of “folding” them has become a necessity.

Some brands have already ventured to make these devices. It is expected that between 2019 and 2020, technological advances will leave as a legacy a large number of mobiles with these characteristics. However, as we can already see, the first models will have a high cost. For example, the first phone of this type from the Samsung brand: the Samsung Galaxy Fold, will be put on sale for an estimated price that will exceed 1,500 euros.

The advantages of this type of cell phones

In addition to 5G technology, these phones have the advantage of ergonomics. They offer a wide screen, while they can be conveniently stored in your pocket. To a large extent, these mobiles combine the option of an electronic tablet with a mobile phone. The great alternative is that when folded, they are perfectly portable.

It should be added that some of these phones have another advantage: they can be used as a phone while folded. In principle they only allow you to call, receive messages and send text. On the other hand, if you want to use multimedia technology, you will have to expand the terminal to have the full screen with all its options.

Some folding mobiles that we expect in 2019

There’s a lot of talk about Samsung’s foldable mobiles. It’s called Samsung Galaxy Fold. The first prototype was shown at the Mobile World Congress in February. Other mobiles that have great expectations are those of the Xioami brand. Although it does not yet have a definite date of presentation, this Chinese company has shown a prototype through a video on the web, which demonstrates important technological advances.

The other Chinese giant, Huawei, is not far behind and plans to launch an interesting model of this type. In fact, this company presented its first folding type mobile phones at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. We can also mention the case of Royale, which also announces that it is willing to participate in the competition to put several folding phones on the market.

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