The north pole thaws quickly and nobody has an explanation

The North Pole is a synthesis of what the temperatures facing the planet represent. More and more thaws are beginning to crumble their consistency. Therefore, due to the thaws, scientists have had to reevaluate the so-called World Magnetic Model.

In the world of the magnetic field and scientific studies, this World Magnetic Model (WMM) serves as a reference for the geolocation and displacement of ships in the sea. It has long been used as a reference to understand the terrestrial changes of the planet.

Every five years, a new version of the WMM indicator appears. But given the thaw the North Pole is facing, the new version will appear in 2020. There are many mysteries that influenced scientists to propose a new WMM before the expected date.

The data had been presented “constant” since 1831

The annual analysis of the earth’s magnetic field, which was carried out by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA) in conjunction with the United Kingdom Office of Geological Studies (BGS), there have been changes that are they transform into scientific mysteries, managing to impact the accuracy of navigation on the high seas.

The new version of the WMM will be released on January 30. The accuracy of the new version depends largely on the movement facing the North Pole. At this time, all this ice territory is wandering unpredictably. Something that has caused admiration and awe to the scientific community.

These are unexpected melting changes that leave all the parameters that the North Pole has been representing since 1831. For the year 1990, the displacement record was 15 kilometers per year. And by 2007, it was noted that the North Pole had already conquered the Arctic Ocean.

55 kilometers per hour

The North Pole is currently moving towards the territory of Siberia, moving away from Canada at a speed of 55 kilometers per year. These changes, according to researcher Arnaud Chulliat, make the area to which it is directed prone to serious situations. This professional worked on the development of the new WMM and states that this model will be very accurate by 2020.

At the moment, the thaw and movement facing the North Pole represents a mystery. There is no clear explanation about how the magnetic poles are influencing. However, it is claimed that the cause can be found in the hydro-magnetic waves.

It is also believed that the displacement of the North Pole is driven by a “jet of liquid iron”, which is produced at high speed from Canada. This would weaken the magnetic field of the Arctic area, forcing the North Pole to travel to Siberia.

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