They discovered a new pulmonary lesion derived from Vaping

Vaping is a form of smoking that you do not use fire to enjoy the inhalation of a substance. It is something entirely different from what happens with nicotine, where each cigar must be devoured by fire, while the person enjoys inhaling this product.

Vaping properly refers to ways of smoking such as electronic cigarettes, or so-called hookahs. However, a recent study has shown that smoking in this way can cause injury to the human body, severely affecting the lungs.

To reach these conclusions, a lung study of 17 patients was carried out. The biopsies revealed the lesions received in the pulmonary area derived from vaping. The biopsies analyzed these 17 persons that were patients were the subject of a study that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Are lipids to blame?

This study was developed properly by the Mayo Clinic, which is considered one of the best on the planet. Thus, it was possible to identify that vaping can cause direct damage due to direct toxicity, injuring the tissues thanks to its aggressive chemicals.

The first thing the analysts in this study indicated was that the accumulation of lipids is not the thing that generates the lesions. Fats derived from mineral oils have been considered as the main causes of damage to the lung area.

What was perceived was that there is a type of injury that occurs directly, when the respiratory system is exposed to chemical fumes of a toxic nature. There are talks of poisonous gases, as well as high-impact toxic agents. That is what Brandon Larsen thinks, who is the pathologist at the Mayo Clinic in charge of leading this study.

800 cases of lung lesions nationwide

At the moment in the different Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, they have indicated that there are about 800 cases of people who have suffered lung injuries. All these, properly associated with electronic cigarettes, or, vaping.

From this list of affected people, it has been recorded that twelve people have died. After a study of the various substances consumed through electronic cigarettes and vaping, it was perceived that one of the toxic agents that most harm is those that possess THC.

This is a psychoactive that is usually present in cannabis oils or in marijuana itself. The so-called cannabidiol (CBD), is considered the most dangerous. Biopsies demonstrated that it is necessary to have a regulation of these products, when used in vaping.

Set aside electronic cigarettes

For this reason, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States is considering banning those non-liquid flavors that are often used in vaping systems. For now, the CDC has recommended that adults, for the well-being of both children and young people, stay out of using vaping products such as electronic cigarettes.

Meanwhile, the American Lung Association has focused on warning that these types of cigarettes are not entirely safe and that they usually impact lung health causing irreversible injuries. Of the biopsies performed in the Mayo Clinic patients, only two were habitual patients of this entity. All other biopsies belonged to patients from other clinics.

What was identified regarding to these biopsies is that the common denominator of lung lesions was caused by the use of marijuana and cannabis. In most cases, the lung injury was quite acute. This was even reflected in the same pneumonitis experienced by two of the patients who died.

What is recommended then that if you are one of those who likes vaping and use cannabidiol as an alternative, it is best to discard its use at the moment. Although, if you are really worried about your respiratory health, it would be best if you stopped vaping. Remember: your life is at risk.

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