Tips for repairing your skin in winter

That’s why we give you some tips that will help you reach summer with radiant skin. And always remembering that it doesn’t matter what season we’re in to take care of ourselves.


Occasionally after a few months of summer we discover under the dark spots on the skin, especially in the area of the face. When this happens the best thing is to go to the dermatologist. He will be able to tell us which is the best treatment to make them disappear, either by applying lasers, peelings or depigmenting creams.


This is a very important point and not only during the cold months, but throughout the year. Daily hydration is a combination of water intake (between one and a half and two litres per day) and the correct application of moisturising creams.

Warm water baths, and drying without rubbing (gently tapping instead of rubbing the towel), take care of our skin.

In the market we can find hundreds of creams, and the choice will depend on the type of skin we have. But we must remember that we must not leave any part of our body unhydrated from head to toe.

Sun protection all year round

We should not think that when it is cloudy or less hot the sun is more harmless. Since ultraviolet rays are still present and these are the cause of the appearance of melanomas (skin cancer).

The application of sun creams especially on the face should be done daily, even in winter. In fact, there are already many creams specific to that area that include sun protection.

Experts recommend that you have a very high photoprotective factor (SPF 50 +). The higher the SPF, the higher the protection offered by the sunscreen against UV-B (ultraviolet radiation causing sunburn).

In summer it is recommended that the application of sunscreens be applied about 30 minutes before our exposure to the sun.

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