Tips to prevent your phone from overheating

Mobile phones as well as virtually all electronic devices are usually heated under certain conditions. In fact it is one of the devices most exposed to overheating, as we carry it with us everywhere. And in summer, for example, it is too exposed to extreme heat. If a mobile device becomes too hot, it may be irreparably damaged.

We’re going to teach you a series of tricks and tips to keep it from getting hot. And in case it’s late and it’s already burning, we’ll teach you how to get your temperature back as soon as possible.

Tricks to prevent your mobile or cell phone from getting hot

If you apply the following tips as much as possible, you will prevent your phone from overheating and becoming damaged.

Don’t expose it directly to the sun

It seems silly, no one would think to put it directly in the sun. But unfortunately this is not so and there are many people who by ignorance or carelessness do. When you go to the beach or pool, or are in a park where it is very hot. Always put your mobile in the shade. You’ll avoid surprises.

Remove the sleeve from your mobile

Sometimes our mobiles get too hot and having covers that don’t let you breathe doesn’t help much. If you notice that your phone burns, remove the casing or cover immediately. If you are in an area where it is very hot, perhaps the most interesting thing is to use a bumper or contour casing. This type of sleeve covers the sides and edge of your device. So they facilitate heat dissipation. If you want to know more about the different cases you can put to your terminal, do not miss this article on what type of case to use for my mobile.

Close all unused applications

Many times when we go from one application to another, we don’t really close it. It runs in the background and continues to consume mobile resources such as battery and memory. This makes our terminal hot. So close all the applications you’re not using.

Adjust the contrast and brightness of your screen

Another measure you can take to reduce the temperature of your device is to adjust the brightness and brightness levels. The brighter the screen, the more battery consumption and therefore the
more heat generated. So whenever you can, reduce the brightness to lower the temperature.

Use airplane mode

Many of the phone’s features are resource-intensive. For example the WiFi antenna, GPS or Bluetooth are constantly working, consuming a lot of battery.

Turn it off if you’re not going to use it

Your mobile also has the right to rest. While you’re sleeping it doesn’t need to be on. If you turn it off, you’ll let the battery recover better when its temperature drops.

Recharge in airplane mode or off

The battery charge is much more effective if the mobile is turned off or with most of its functions turned off. Besides, we keep it from getting hot. It is also advisable not to use the mobile while it
is charging, let alone speak for it, its temperature will rise immediately.

Applications for temperature monitoring

There are several applications that help us monitor the temperature of our device. Among the best known we have the App Coolify. The application is not available in the Google Store, because to use it you need your phone to be routed. The application constantly monitors the temperature of your mobile and if it detects a rise in temperature, it can turn off the mobile to prevent it from overheating.

Another very interesting application is AIDA64. This app is an evolution of the Windows programs AIDA32 and Everest. Monitors your phone’s temperature and tells you which component may be affected by a temperature rise.

All these applications are available only for Android. But if you have an iOS you can always apply our advice and avoid getting hot.

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