Websites that hacked iPhones, also hacked Androids

Hackers have returned to hack iPhones. Computer criminals managed to implement malicious code on several websites. This way, they managed to steal information from these devices. Like all cases of computer attacks, the news generated a great impact worldwide. Especially for the ease with which these types of attacks occur despite the security efforts made by Apple.

It was a division of Google, more precisely the Google Project Zero firm, which was responsible for revealing this information. This Google team is responsible for analyzing all kinds of problems that may compromise the security of their devices.

The information stolen by hackers, would focus on obtaining GPS data. As well as application data of such widespread use as Instagram, Telegram or Whatsapp. In total, the Google Project Zero team recognized 12 precise security flaws.

60 seconds to steal all information

When iPhone devices accessed one of the infected pages, the malicious code was responsible for extracting all possible information. To do this, it took advantage of a vulnerability in the iOS operating system. That information was transferred to an external server. It is subsequently believed that the information was sold to third parties for commercial exploitation.

As soon as they broke the news of the attacks Apple put his security team to work on it. To protect its smartphones from that code, Apple quickly developed a patch. Which solved the vulnerability that the hackers had encountered.

But the really worrisome of this news, is that the theft of the information could have lasted for more than 2 years. It is also known that this vulnerability was not only typical of the iOS operating system. If not, the operating systems of Android and Windows could also have been affected.

Attack from China

According to the investigation, it was possible to identify the origin of the malicious code. It had been developed in China and subsequently installed on several websites. The curious thing is that these websites did not steal user information when navigation came from China. But did from the rest of the world.

Given that Android and Windows are the 2 most widespread operating systems on the planet, it is estimated that the number of affected users would have been very high. Even so, as is often the case with this type of news, there is not much information that the companies involved have revealed. Neither Google nor Windows has given any information. So we do not know the impact that this information theft could have had on its users.

Obviously, this is not the first or last hacker attack where web browsing is used to steal data and market it to third parties. So without a doubt what we have to do is protect our devices whenever we can. If you don’t know how, take a look at how to get a safer phone

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