What are the dangers of processionary caterpillars?

Processionary caterpillars can pose a danger to our health or that of our dogs. Caterpillars are elongated animals with many legs. They are insects that feed particularly on leaves. They are warm-weather animals and are rarely seen in the winter season.

These insects agglomerate in small nests in areas where pines abound. Its habitat is located particularly in forests where there are temperate pines. Especially in southern Europe. They can live in areas with a lot or little vegetation.

They are considered to be one of the pests that has caused the most damage to pine forests. In addition to the increasingly frequent forest fires.

They always appear during the spring

In this season the temperatures are warmer. And the lack of rain makes them adapt quickly in the leafy forests of pines. They are a threat both to the pines and to any vegetation around them.

These insects come down from their nests and walk on the ground. In this way they seek to bury themselves and then appear in the form of moth and affect all pine shrubs. Their nests can hold up to 300 caterpillars and are scattered throughout the trees. They attack both flowers and vegetation in general. They are climbers and can also affect ornamental trees.

Processionary caterpillars are very toxic

Caterpillars are considered the strangest insects on the planet. Some are covered with poisonous hairs that are impregnated with a toxin. It can be harmful to humans and totally dangerous to canines. In dogs, caterpillars cause allergic effects. They inflame the digestive system, which makes it difficult to breathe. It can cause death quickly and suddenly.

In some cases, these insects can cause a dog to lose its tongue. In the case of people, it is recommended not to make any kind of contact with these insects or their nests. They are very toxic animals that can suffer from skin irritation. In addition to affecting the respiratory system, so it is recommended that its reach out to children.

To exterminate this pest, it is ideal to constantly clean the crop of harmful plants or herbs. If you want to regulate their appearance you can use biodegradable soap and lots of water, you will see how they will gradually become extinct.

What do these insects feed on?

In addition to leaves, these animals also live on some nutrients or eggs left by butterflies. They also use the fruit crops to feed on tomatoes, corn or cabbage, everything depends on the plant that these caterpillars attack.

Characteristics of the Caterpillar

These animals have little vision, their legs have nails and they have a very hard head. The forehead of the caterpillars in particular are in the shape of a triangle, and their eyes are in the shape of a U, perceiving themselves as if they were animals with three eyes.

They breathe through the tracheas and in some cases are confused with worms. These animals usually leave their eggs close to the plants, so that in this way they can feed themselves in a better way. There are about 200,000 varieties of this species, also called moths.

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