What kind of case to use for my mobile phone

Cases have become essential for our smartphones. Its main function is to protect our mobile from possible blows and breakages. But they also have an aesthetic function that marks our personality or tastes. We could say that there is practically a case for each person, because nowadays we can personalize them as much as we want.

The question, what’s the best case for my mobile? It’s pretty hard to answer. Depends on what you’re looking for in a holster. There are those who seek security, so that their mobile does not break. Others give priority to comfort, so that they can carry their mobile phones in their pockets without being disturbed. And there are those who want to show their mobile and see how cool and beautiful it is.

Types of covers

Let’s see all the types of covers that exist, so you can find the one that best suits you.

Flip Covers

They’re one of the best-selling sleeve types. They are also known as book covers. They protect your mobile completely from scratches and small blows, including the mobile screen. In addition many of these cases come with a small card holder, so they are very practical.

flip covers


Bumpers, also called contour housings, cover the sides and edges of your device. Basically they are designed to protect your mobile in case of a possible fall, at the same time that they dissipate the heat well and are comfortable to carry not to bulge too much.


There are many models that depend on the thickness or type of material you want, such as plastic or rubber.

Rear covers

Much like bumpers, but they also cover the back of your phone. You have them in different materials, such as silicone or plastic. And in different thicknesses, depending on the level of protection you want for your smartphone.

Rear covers

But be careful with the thickness, because some are a little uncomfortable, although if you take it too thin you will only protect your mobile from scratches, not from blows or falls. Also watch out for transparent silicone sleeves, which are of good quality, because over time they start to yellow.

Ruggedized covers

These are the safest cases to avoid knocks on your mobile. They are especially suitable for people who engage in physical activity, as they are very resistant to shocks.

Ruggedized covers

And within all these types then we can customize them as we want. You have all variety of colors and designs. And if you don’t like any of them, you always have the option of printing your own design or even a photograph.

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