What should you have for breakfast to stay fit

Breakfast represents one of the most important moments of a person’s day. A wise advice states that a person with excellent health should have breakfast as king, have lunch as prince and have dinner as a beggar. Have dinner as a beggar? Yes, metaphorically, yes. That is, dine in moderation.

Breakfast will always be a feeding time that will best nourish your body and predispose you to have an excellent day. But do you know exactly what foods to have breakfast? Are you sure that the banquet you take to start the day is right? Perhaps you are one who is satisfied with a cup of coffee and a few cookies.

Because if you are precisely one of those and eat the first thing you find in the fridge, be sure that you are carrying your body from a very heavy lifestyle. You should keep in mind that your health comes first, beyond your work performance, the money you can earn, your university studies, among others.

The best foods for breakfast

If you don’t have good health, you won’t be able to enjoy all that is part of life. Therefore, in this post you will know some of the most important foods to keep you fit and fully enjoy your day to day. Pay close attention, because this article guarantees you revolutionize your diet.


Eggs are one of the most important nutritional components for breakfast. This is because they are considered as proteins, given their molecular composition. When breakfast eggs, your body assimilates all its characteristics, while your digestive system dissolves them very easily.

It is estimated that a person who consumes eggs moderately at breakfast, has a 65% percentage of starting to lose weight. It is a food product with great potential to regulate your metabolism and give you energy.


As with eggs, it is essential to enjoy the effect of proteins, which nourish your body of energy and inject high levels of energy into your day. Lean protein consumption is usually recommended, such as poultry and pork. In addition, they taste excellent.

Bacon, for example, is a good option, which accompanied by slices of bread and eggs, which can offer you a very balanced diet.


Regarding carbohydrates, this is a category of foods that are characterized by quenching your appetite and stimulating your metabolism so that you feel well. This is the case of slices of bread and flour derivatives. You have to consume these types of products but in moderation.

What you could abuse a little is in relation to cereals. Since when eating cereals, your body takes advantage of all the nutrients they provide so that you have better digestion. Cereals contribute to your health by cleaning your digestive tract while ensuring that your blood has better circulation.

Dairy products

Dairy products are another product that you should keep in mind at breakfast time. Yogurts, milk and other derivatives, such as cheese, are food products that also regulate your body and offer you high levels of energy.

The consumption of dairy also contributes to giving you that feeling of satiety that sometimes you do not get to experience in the morning. So they are excellent allies for you to feel calm and the anxiety to consume does not force your digestive system to work tirelessly.


And of course, the fruits could not be missing. Fruits are a branch of food that contribute greatly to the digestion of the body. Its nutritional potential is very, very high. Apples for example, are characterized by having high levels of vitamin C, in addition to A and B. It is also a fruit that helps you feel full and clear the desire to be eating.

It doesn’t matter what fruit you choose. The great benefit of having breakfast fruits is that they are foods that are easy to digest by the body. In addition, unlike avocado, which is a less sweet fruit, almost all are characterized by having a fairly healthy sugar level. Its flavor is exquisite.

Whether kiwi, strawberries, banana, pineapple, among others: include a type of fruit at breakfast, will allow you to have a better performance of your metabolism.

The common denominator

As you can see, most of the food products listed here are characterized by being light and easy to dissolve by the body. This is the common denominator that should govern a good breakfast, since this way you will get a high level of energy, while your body does not make much effort when it comes to digesting and obtaining all its nutrients.

The idea will always be to consume a breakfast that recharges you with energy and provides you with the best nutritional potential for you to enjoy optimal health, able to redefine your mood to enjoy an excellent day.

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