WhatsApp plans to protect access with fingerprinting

WhatsApp remains committed to improving the security of your application and improving the privacy of your users. Every day that passes, companies put more effort into protecting the privacy of their customers, especially in the wake of news that jump to the media about security breaches. They expose millions of user’s personal data.

If WhatsApp didn’t introduce end-to-end message encryption long ago, now it wants to go one step further. According to different sources they are testing to add fingerprint unlocking. Using this technology, users use their fingertips to unlock their mobile or cell phone.

With this functionality is intended that even if someone could access our terminal, can not read our conversations or chats. What’s more, if this option is finally integrated into the  application, it will protect users in a simple way of spying or hacking WhatsApp. Some people took advantage of how easy it was to spy on another user’s chats using WhatsApp Web.

Fingerprint lock

According to WaBetaInfo this option is already included in WhatsApp beta 2.19.3. The lock option seems to be optional. Once activated, it gives us several unlocking options: by fingerprint, using a PIN code or a password. Once activated, each time a user is going to enter the application, he will be asked to unlock it with the method he has configured.


To reinforce the news, several media have echoed the fact that in the last WhatsApp update. Launched on January 22, the messaging application asked the user for a new permission. This permission is “Fingerprint Unlock Hardware Access“.

So soon there will be no need to use secondary applications to strengthen the security of our phone. Many users used apps that allowed other apps or documents to be blocked by fingerprint.

Non-selective blocking

The exact release date is still unclear, but many users are already wondering if the block will be selective or complete for the entire app. At the moment it seems that the option will only serve to unlock the full access to WhatsApp and will not be configurable to access only one or several chats.

But we believe that this option will not take long to arrive, as some competitors, such as Telegram, if they have this option active and is something quite appreciated by its users. It seems WhatsApp is finally putting its batteries into security and privacy issues.

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