Whatsapp tricks you didn’t know yet

Although there are still detractors of this messaging application, we cannot deny the fact that WhatsApp is the most widely used worldwide. Each update of the application brings new features that many users do not know, even hidden whatsapp tricks. Many of these new features are aimed at showing more information to users about the status of their contacts, about the messages sent, etc.

Many people may like these options, because they can see when a message has been read. You can also gossip your contacts’ profile photos. See the status of your friends. But all of these options sometimes make people addicted because they send a message and are continually looking to see if the other person has read it. And if two minutes go by and he still doesn’t read, they get nervous.
They don’t understand that there are people who don’t want to be watched all the time. If you’re one of those people who likes privacy or just want to get the most out of WhatsApp, read on.

Protecting our privacy

If you don’t want your contacts to be continually monitoring your movements at WhatsApp, we’re going to recommend a few simple tricks to make you practically invisible.

Deactivate time of last connection

As you know WhatsApp reports the last hour of connection of each user. If you don’t want people to know when is the last time you’ve accessed the application, we’ll tell you that you can Deactivate this option. However, keep in mind that once deactivated you will not be able to see this information of the rest of your contacts.

To deactivate it, access the WhatsApp settings. We will go to the “Account” section and open the “Privacy” section. There we will see an option that allows us to choose who we want to see the information of the time of connection, we can select All, My Contacts or Nobody.

Deactivate double check blue

Those who like privacy will wonder why they invented the blue double check. Okay, 95% of people may want to know when their message has been read, but what happens to the remaining
5%. Well, don’t worry, this option can also be deactivated. As with the connection time, we can go to the Privacy section, there we will look for the option “Reading Confirmations” and deactivate it. Voila, bye-bye to the fucking blue double check. Just a but, in the groups will continue to appear.

Read messages in ninja mode

You may not want to remove Reading Confirmation because you find it useful. But I’m sure you’ve ever wanted to read a message without the sender knowing. There are a couple of possibilities that can work for you. The first one is to read the message when it appears in the notification panel. The bad thing about this option is that if we have a lot of WhatsApp messages, we may not get to see it or we may not see it in its entirety. In this case we can opt for the second option, which would be to use WhatsApp pop-ups.

Hide profile picture

You don’t like that they’re gossiping about your profile picture, do you? Well, a very simple option is not to upload any. But if what you want is to have a photo and only your contacts see it, you can do it too. To do this, go to Settings and then to the “Privacy” section. In the “Profile picture” option, select My Contacts. As you’ll see you also have the option to have your statuses only visible by your contacts.

Optimizing the use of memory and data

Nowadays many people use WhatsApp to send a lot of information to their contacts, all kinds of files, videos, or pictures. When we are connected to Wi-Fi there is no major problem. But if we are connected through Data Usage, we may have a problem with our contracted Gigas limit. Another derived problem may be not having enough space to store so much information.

To avoid these problems, we can configure the application to tell you what types of files can be downloaded or not when we are using Mobile Data. To do this, go to the section “Automatic downloads” and choose how to download the content depending on the type of connection.

We also have an option to disguise the use of data. If we activate it, we indicate WhatsApp to optimize the data it uses when making a call or video call for example, lowering a bit the quality of it will use less megs and allow us to save mobile data.

How to highlight messages to easily locate them

With the large number of conversations and groups we usually have at WhatsApp, there are thousands of messages we receive or send. Many times we’ve wanted to locate a message they’ve sent us, either because it was something important or a link to, that cool technology website.

Well you have to know that there is an option that are “Featured Messages”. Practically no one uses it and it’s really useful. We can highlight a message individually or mark it as a favorite. In this way we will be able to access them without having to be searching in the middle of a conversation.

To mark a message as highlighted, just click on the message for a few seconds and then select the star icon that appears in the top bar. To see highlighted messages from a contact for example, just go to the contact profile and go to the Featured Messages section. Another good option for locating an important message is to use WhatsApp’s own search engine. It is available in the 3-point vertical menu at the top right.

WhatsApp’s most useful functions

The power of smartphones today is already quite high, allowing programmers to develop applications that are more complete and that increasingly resemble those we use in our desktop computers.

Use different text formats

Taking advantage of these improvements, WhatsApp allows us to customize the messages we send as if they were a word processor. The most used are:

  • Text in bold. To highlight bold text, type the text between 2 asterisk symbols, thus *highlighted message*
  • Text in italics. To put it in italics, the text has to be between 2 underscores, like this: I’m putting a text in italics_
  • Strikethrough text. We can cross out a word or phrase by using the virgulilla character ~this text is crossed out~

Change size of emojis

Really changing the size is not something we can control; it is done automatically by the application depending on how many emojis are sent in each message. If we only send one, it’ll be bigger than if we send two.

Respond with GIFs

It’s not something that’s used relatively often, but it’s been months since GIFs can be sent within WhatsApp. WhatsApp incorporates the Giphy catalog, which has hundreds of GIFs. So it will be easy for you to find the one that best fits what you want to say. If we find it hard to find the one we want, we can use the search engine.

Let’s hope one of the whatsapp tricks came in handy. If not, don’t worry, we’ll bring you new tips to get the most out of your cell phone.

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