Who viewed your LinkedIn profile

Linkedin is a social network for professionals. It is totally oriented to put in contact companies and professionals. In it people and businesses try to promote themselves in the best possible way. Professionals create detailed profiles similar to what would be their curriculum vitae. In their profile they expose all their knowledge, training and professional history. In this way, they can give visibility to employers looking for personnel for their companies.

Likewise, companies also create their profiles to publicize their business. In these profiles we can see what they do, what their projects are and even what positions they are looking to fill at any given time. We are therefore, in addition to a social network, the largest employment portal in the world. LinkedIn operates in more than 200 countries and has more than 550 million users.

If we take a look at LinkedIn usage statistics, we are not surprised by companies’ interest in looking for their next employee within the social network. Almost 20% of people use it one hour a day, and more than 50% use it between 3 and 4 hours a week. Here people have their skills and professional experience completely updated. In addition, many people have recommendations from other professionals. All this simplifies the process of hiring companies.

Now, let’s get to the point: who is visiting my LinkeIn profile and why is they doing it?

How do I know who’s visiting my LinkedIn profile?

When we enter Linkedin we get a notice indicating the number of people who have seen our profile. Sometimes we also receive emails from the social network to indicate that someone has been looking at our profile. Depending on the level of privacy you have selected in your account, you will be able to see or more information about the people who visit you. We’ll explain this privacy level later. Now let’s see the procedure to see who visits you:

1. First log in to LinkedIn. When you enter you will go directly to your home page. On the left side of the page, just below your profile picture, you have the option “Who has seen your profile“, click on it. You can also access if you go to your profile in the top menu, scroll down to the “Your Panel” section and click on “Who has seen your profile“.

2. You will now be on the page of who has seen your profile. First it tells you the views you’ve had in the last 90 days and the percentage of views since last week. Afterwards, there is usually a section with tips to increase the visits to your profile. Like you make up an extract about your knowledge and interests.

3. Finally we come to the section that interests us most. Here we can see all the visualizations of the profile. LinkedIn shows us the people who have visited our profile and gives us some  information about them. This depends on our levels of privacy. Since we have the option to browse in private or anonymous mode. If we are already connected with the person who has visited us, you give us the option to send them a message. If you are not yet a contact of ours, you give us the option to Connect with that person.

The only bad thing is that we can only see the information of some of the people who have visited us. LinkedIn only lets us see data from 5 of the people who have seen us. If we want to see the complete list of all those visits in the last 90 days, we need a Premium account.

Advantages Premium Linkedin account

Having a Premium account offers you a number of advantages over the free version. One of the most useful and most sought after by people is to be able to see the complete list of people who visit your profile. Because being able to see only 5 people means you may be missing out on a good business opportunity.

Plus the complete list of users who see you. You can see what each one of them is dedicated to. The position they occupy, the company and the sector in which they work. In fact this is really the most valuable information. There are many people who visit your profile out of curiosity. What really matters to us is knowing which of those who visit us are potential clients, professionals we want to contact or perhaps employers who are looking for people to fill a job.

Even if you have a Premium account, warn yourself that if the person visiting you has configured private browsing, you won’t be able to see any information. Not even with the Premium account, as LinkedIn would be violating the privacy policies.

There’s some way to see everything without being premium?

Until recently there was an easy option to see who was visiting you. It was a Google Chrome extension: “Profile Views: save who viewed my Linkedin Profile”. Thanks to this tool one could have the complete list of all the people who visited it. Unfortunately, after the last changes made by LinkedIn, the extension has stopped working and no longer returns the correct information.

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