Why is my phone getting hot?

Let’s see how heat affects the different components of our cell phone. So we can understand how important it is to keep your temperature low to avoid damage. We are also going to see a series of tips and tricks to keep the temperature at bay. Or how to cool our mobile safely if it has overheated.

How does heat affect a mobile?

There are four essential components in our mobile phones that can be affected by temperature.

The processor

If a processor is heated above a certain temperature, its performance begins to drop considerably. It’s really the processor itself that has a defense mechanism and starts working with inferior performance to avoid internal damage.

The battery

The battery is the most heat sensitive component. Nowadays almost all batteries are made of lithium ions. They give excellent performance and many load cycles. But they also degrade rapidly and if exposed to high temperatures, considerably reducing their useful life. In addition, if the heat is excessive they can ignite and even explode.

The screen

Virtually all of our mobile screens are made of glass coated with a special conductive film called ITO, which is a compound of indium tin oxide. This substance has a very high electrical conductivity and is what makes the touch screen of mobile phones work.

A glue-like substance is used to connect the screen to the touch panel of the mobile phone. The problem when excessive heat is applied to this glue is that it loses its effectiveness. In extreme cases the screen may come off the touch panel and completely damage your phone.

The casing

Mobile phone casings are usually made of plastic or metal. The problem with metal is that it is more expensive and only high-end devices are made with it. For the rest of mobiles, plastic is used, which is much more sensitive to heat. In cases of extreme temperature they can deform, crack and lead to breakage of the housing.

Once you have seen the main components of your mobile and how they can be affected by heat, let’s look at the reasons why your device can be heated.

Why do cell phones get hot?

The main reason why a mobile phone is heated is when it is exposed to a high ambient temperature. When the hottest months arrive, with outside temperatures above 40 degrees, it is normal for our mobiles to suffer excessively. Avoid leaving your phone in the direct sun, it will warm up quickly and in the best of cases it will automatically switch off as a protection measure.

There are many cases of people who have taken their mobile phone to the beach, forgot it on the towel and when they arrived they found it off with a warning message on the screen. Which indicates that the temperature is excessive. And the worst thing is that you need it for an emergency, because you won’t be able to use it no matter how hard you try to turn it on until it regains its temperature.

In addition to the ambient heat, a mobile phone can also be heated for the following reasons:

  • The device has a factory fault. They’re usually battery failures. However, there have also been mobiles with very powerful processors that caused the mobile to overheat.
  • Overuse fast cell phone loads. It’s a wonder you can charge your phone to 80% of its capacity in just one hour. But this causes the battery to overheat.
  • Have many applications open. Although applications are in the background, they are consuming resources such as processor, memory and battery. And therefore, they heat the terminal.
  • Continued use of GPS or Bluetooth.
  • Put two mobile devices together. If you place two mobiles very close together, they have to transmit heat to each other, thus raising their temperature. This heating is faster if the mobiles are charging.
  • Your charger is defective.

As you can see your mobile or cell phone can get hot for many reasons. If you want you can see tips to prevent your mobile from getting too hot.

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